Kairos Classic gold crunchy

0.3 kg
classic gold crunchy: 300 g

Almonds, hazelnuts, sugar, cocoa give life to an original creation by San Marco dei Cavoti: the Croccantino, a delicate variation on the main theme of nougat. Among the sweet melodies that make up the taste of traditional nougat, to represent a delicious sandwich, esteemed by the most refined palates, there is the Croccantino. Today the Torrone di San Marco dei Cavoti, among the symbols of Christmas, is testimony to a long tradition, an image of a land and its people, a revelation of craftsmanship and authenticity. A timeless love, the fusion of past and present, the harmonious encounter between art and tradition. Choice of raw materials, processing, ancient recipes, artisanal methods, but also technological innovations in production processes: this is the road that leads to the Croccantino di San Marco.

Classic Crunchy
Internal ingredients: sugar, almonds (26%), hazelnuts (24%), honey, flavorings.

External ingredients: sugar, cocoa paste, cocoa butter, emulsifier: lecithin, flavorings, cocoa (min. 68%).