Buitoni Rusks 300 g

0.3 kg
The Granfetta, prepared only with natural ingredients, light and digestible, helps to offer your body a boost of energy to start the day well.

A Daily Appointment with Wellness
To start the day you need a breakfast that provides about 20% of the daily energy requirement, providing about 300 to 400 calories, depending on the activity performed.

With the Rusks choose your breakfast:
Light breakfast
Four Granfetta, spread with a thin layer of jam, a cup of cappuccino with two teaspoons of sugar, an apple.

Energy breakfast
Five Granfetta, spread with butter and jam, a cup of tea with two teaspoons of sugar, a cup of berries.

The most practical round slices to spread: the most convenient way to spread your rusks without the risk of breaking them, is to do it by overlapping 2 or 3 of them, one on top of the other. The typical round shape of the slices allows them to be spread easily over the entire surface.
WHEAT flour, sunflower oil, dextrose, yeast, malt extract (from BARLEY and CORN), salt.
It may contain traces of MILK and SOY.